Contact Lenses

Eye Site, your Glenolden Delaware County eye doctor, now has more options in contact lenses than ever to meet your individual needs. Contact lenses are worn by over twenty million people in the United States. New developments in technology allow us to provide superior vision with greater comfort to more patients.

With so many lens manufacturers each producing various varieties of lenses, how do you know which lens is best for you? At Eye Site, we will recommend the lenses that will work best for your eyes and your lifestyle.

Dr. Walker fits contact lenses made by all the major manufacturers as well as lenses from smaller custom labs for patients whom other doctors may consider difficult to fit. Due to his experience in contact lenses, Dr. Walker often finds that patients who have not had past success with contact lenses are now able to enjoy wearing contact lenses.

Can I Wear Contact Lenses?

Most people can wear contact lenses, including people with active lifestyles and people who have presbyopia or astigmatism. Contact lenses are quickly becoming the method of choice for most people in need of vision correction. Over the past several decades, developments in contact lens technology have enabled patients to wear lenses more comfortably, for longer periods of time, with greater eye health, and with excellence in vision incomparable to any other form of vision correction.