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Eyeglasses are both an optical device as well as a fashion accessory. The current trends in contemporary eye wear in Glenolden are sleek frames in new and interesting colors. Lightweight and flexible materials such as modern plastics and titanium allow for wonderful colors and materials that can be made into unusual and stylish shapes. High tech lens materials offer multiple options for the very best vision possible.

At Eye Site, we offer a wide variety of both frames and lenses. Our highly skilled staff will act as your shopping assistant to help you in the selection of your frames to fit your face and your style as well as your prescription. We are skilled in assessing your specific vision needs and matching your needs to the great variety of lens and frame options available today.

Our full service in-office lab can fabricate most prescriptions in a very short period of time without sacrificing quality. We realize that the most precise ophthalmic prescription written by our doctor is only as good as the glasses that are made from that prescription. We provide access to the most current lens designs available today which improve both cosmetic appearance and visual function. Designs such as super thin high index lens materials, progressive addition or “no-line” bifocal lenses, photochromatic “transitions” lenses, and a great selection of contemporary and designer frames from names such as Candies,  Harley Davidson, Gant, Guess, Gucci, Nine West, Polo, Rampage, Ray Ban, Vera Wang, Versace and more, allows our patients to both look great and see great with their new eye glasses.